The Brickmakers Pub and Kitchen

The Home of Craft Beer in Vienna

Welcome to the home of Craft Beer in Vienna. The Brickmakers houses over 30 taps and 150 bottles of the world's finest Craft Beers and Ciders along with a bespoke collection of cocktails and spirits, backed by a nightly line-up of Vienna's most highly regarded vinyl DJ's. The Brickmakers is currently home to Big Smoke BBQ, led by 3 Hauben Austrian Chef Peter Zinter. A concept from The Culinary Love Band.

Our Story

The entire story of The Brickmakers is too long to tell so let's start with a trip to Munich in March 2014 as The Culinary Love Band were putting the pieces together to finalise Big Smoke Bar & BBQ pop-up on the Donaukanal. While in Munich Brian Patton (Owner) was brought to an exclusively craft beer pub, Taphouse. While Brian was familiar with craft beer movement before this, he had never seen the passion behind it to this degree. Every bartender was either a beer sommelier or a brewer and the love for their craft oozed from them with every word and suggestion. There was no going back. The seed was planted and bloomed over the next number of months. And Big Smoke seemed to be the perfect food concept to pair with craft beer...

As Big Smoke was coming to an end on the Donaukanal, plans were already being put in place for The Brickmakers Pub and Kitchen. A group of managers became The Culinary Love Band. A bunch of ideas became a solid concept. A dream became a reality. And an executive chef was found in Michelin Star award-winning Peter Zinter. Inspired by many trips to London, Ireland, California, Hamburg and Berlin, Brian together with a renowned Irish design team finalised the design of what is now The Brickmakers. After delving deep into the world of craft beer, visiting fairs, pestering brewers for their knowledge, producing a number of beer sommeliers and personally tasting and rating many, many beers, the opening selection of beers and ciders was complete.